Second Practice

After the engine debacle, we were sidelined for a week. Finally, on Saturday, the afternoon before practice, the mechanic got to Incorrigible. I was luckily there, and got to learn the full process to prime an engine. That’s a different post.

Sunday, 4/17, we made it out for a second practice. We had 8 aboard. This left us with: foredeck, mast, pit, two jib/spin trimmers/grinders/tailers, main trim, helm, and one extra person. For most of the day, that extra person was me. I got to observe, bounce positions, and occasionally help.

Dan Tactician

Like the week before, the forecast of 2kts ended up being closer to 12kts. We got some practice in on jib trimming, as well as hoisting our spinnakers.

John D Foredeck

The crew is starting to settle into a routine. Even if they leave the owner to clean up some of the messes in the forecabin.

Spin dowsed

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