About the Boat

Team Incorrigible is the race team of s/v Incorrigible. Incorrigible’s home port is Baltimore, MD, the “Greatest City in America”.

Incorrigible is the J/35 hull #219, launched in 1988. We are her third set of owners, and she has been previously sailed as Dove, out of Harpswell, ME, and Deja Blue, out of Severna Park, MD.

We bought Incorrigible in November, 2015, to replace our aging 1974 Pearson 26, Key of Sea, which we have owned for 3 seasons. Since buying Key, I have gotten into racing fairly dramatically, and Key just isn’t fast. She’ll be used this year by Pat’s sister.

About the Team

Team Incorrigible is made up primarily of social sailors who are interested in racing. We are fairly laid back, but still like to sail fast, and have a chance of winning. We sail with the Baltimore City Yachting Association (BCYA) in their weekly Around the Buoys races, as well as occasional Point to Point races on the Chesapeake Bay.

At the start of the year, we have 4 committed sailors for the team. Two of those have been sailing for 6+ years, and racing for at least 3. One has been sailing for 40+ years, but raced for half a season, and the last has only been sailing and racing for 1 year total.

As we grow the team, we’ll be trying to mostly pull from either experienced sailors with little racing experience, or complete novices, in an attempt to grow a team from the ground up.

About the Owners

  • Dan- After an enjoyable afternoon of sailing with in-laws, Dan feel in love with sailing. He enrolled in an ASA Basic Keelboat class at the New Jersey Sailing School in 2006. Dan took Basic Coastal Cruising in 2007, as well as sitting through the classwork for Coastal Navigation. Since 2007, Dan has skippered charter yachts from 16′-40′, until purchasing a Pearson 26′ in 2013. Also, in 2013, Dan joined the Downtown Sailing Center (DSC) in Baltimore, MD. With the DSC, he learned to race J/22s, mostly on foredeck, over three seasons. In 2015, Dan ended up on a race team on a 1982 Pearson Flyer, where he learned to race bigger boats. Discovering that the challenge of letting other people be skippers is you don’t get to control who the rest of the crew is, Dan decided to buy a race boat for himself.
  • Pat- Pat learned to sail when he was in his early teens aboard his father’s home-built sailing dingy, a Wesort 12′. By his late teens, the family had upgraded to a Pearson 26′, Windy. Throughout his adulthood, Pat sailed intermittently on other people’s boats, most notably on a  breezy Columbus Day weekend in 2004 on the San Francisco bay on a Columbia 30′ with waaaaay too much weather helm (he loves to tell this story). Pat’s brother-in-law owned a series of boats through his adulthood, culminating in a Gemini 105 catamaran until 2013, upon which Pat took his new-at-the-time boyfriend, Dan, for a sail, thus getting Dan into sailing, and ultimately leading to the formation of Team Incorrigible. Pat did race for half a season on a J/22 with the DSC and promptly showed no interest in racing…until the discussion turned to potentially racing the J/35. We’ll see how he does…

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